Zhong Kui Imperial Stout 鍾馗黑啤

Moonzen Brewery

Product image 1Zhong Kui Imperial Stout 鍾馗黑啤
Product image 2Zhong Kui Imperial Stout 鍾馗黑啤
Product image 3Zhong Kui Imperial Stout 鍾馗黑啤
Product image 4Zhong Kui Imperial Stout 鍾馗黑啤

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ABV 10% | EBC 140 | IBU 64

Vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings, Zhong Kui has captured 80,000 demons inside this terrific stout. With flavours of espresso, chocolate, molasses and marshmallow. This imperial stout will exorcise your darkest terrors! 

鍾馗, 轉能鎮宅驅魔, 集合八萬妖魔精華, 釀造出此Imperial Stout. 咖啡濃郁甘香, 可可細緻綿滑, 焦糖棉花糖氤氳, 驚心動魄刺激每一個味蕾.

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