The Gallery

Moonzen Brewery presents 'The Gallery': A virtual gallery to support HK talented artists and showcase their unique work. Support local artists by buying their amazing art pieces if you fancy! All sale proceeds will go to the artists.  

門神隆重介紹最新的藝術項目”門神美術館”。利用網上平台去推廣本地藝術家。請用你嘅行動去支持本土創意! 收益將全數歸於該藝術家。

*Should you pick the gallery items and Moonzen beer products in a single order, please note that the artists will send the prints and products to you directly

*請留意, 如你同時購買藝術品和門神啤酒, 藝術品和門神啤酒將會分開發貨, 收貨日期和時間不會同步。

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