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Moonzen stands for door gods (門神) in Chinese. We chose ‘Moonzen Brewery’ for our name because we want to create a brand inspired by the rich tapestry of Chinese folklore and rooted in Hong Kong culture. In ancient Chinese folklore, door gods are the spiritual guardians of entrances, attracting good luck and fending off evil spirits. They possess integrity and strength, and are bolstered by their fierce expressions and impressive weaponry. In Moonzen’s case, they showcase our values and local origins, fueled by our fierce passion for craft beer and top-notch brewing equipment. Moonzen 

即中文「門神」的意思。我們選擇以「門神啤酒」命名,因為我們希望自己一手建立的品牌能以中國民間傳說而本,又以香港文化為根。 在古老的中國民間傳說中,門神是入口的守護神,招好運,驅惡靈。他們孔武有力,正直不阿,加上手執天兵神器,神情不怒自威,令人留下深刻印象。「門神」顯示了我們的價值觀和本地出身的背景,化表我們擁有頂級的釀酒設備,更象徵我們對精釀啤酒的滿腔熱情。

Chapter 1:


In December 2013, husband-and-wife team Laszlo & Michele Raphael founded Moonzen Brewery. We believe every beer has a story, connecting brewer to drinker. Our stories celebrate culture, craftsmanship and community, through our delicious and innovative beers.


Genesis --> Exploration

Growing pains! Planning, brewing, renovating, brewing, moving out, brewing, moving in, brewing, installation, brewing..

Chapter 2


Join us on our journey to brew one #provincialbeer for every province in China! Using one unique ingredient at a time...